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Dobrý den,

s tím Finskem to není tak jednozačné, akutálně jsou v běhu změny pro rodné číslo. Rodné číslo "zůstane" ale dozná změn.


The Personal ID code is changing in Finland in tree stages. The Finnish Government's proposal for the reform is to be submitted to Parliament in autumn 2022. Preliminary timetable for changes are below.

Stage 1

New punctuation marks for personal identity codes on 1 January 2023

The sufficient availability of personal identity codes is ensured by introducing new punctuation marks ( sepatator marks DDMMYY-XXXX ). The current personal identity codes will not be voided, which means that the personal identity codes that have already been granted, would remain unchanged and also current punctuation marks +, - and A remain in use.

The new punctuation marks are:

For those born in the 2000s: B, C, D, E and F in addition to current letter A

For those born in the 20th century, Y, X, W, V, U in addition to current symbol -

Stage 2

New separate personal identifier

The new identifier would be an identification code that is completely separate from personal data that could not be used to determine the age of the person. The new identifier would be added to the Population Information System for each person with a Finnish personal identity code. The code would be 11 characters long.

The new identifier would not replace the personal identity code. On the other hand, companies, organisations and authorities that do not want to or cannot process personal identity codes, for example for data protection reasons, could optional use the new identifier as a unique ID code for employees or customers.

The introduction of the new identifier is voluntary for organisations. Organisations that do not decide to use the new identifier will continue to use the current personal identity code as now.

Stage 3

Gender-neutral personal identity codes on 1 January 2027

From the beginning of 2027, gender would no longer be determinable from the identification number of the personal identity code. In the personal identity code, the individual number is the three-digit number following the punctuation mark. It is currently an even number for women and an odd number for men. For personal identity codes issued after the change, the number would be random.

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